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Acom 716

Briew review of Acom716 multi-SIM router & proxies server

Where to buy:

Also knows as “MTR716”.

Price: about $1300.


Idea of the device:

  • It allows building 16 proxies (HTTP and SOCKS5) from each of embedded 4G modems. Each modem has to have a SIM card.
  • Proxies are available by LAN IP of the router.
  • It allows IP rotation of the proxies by operating the underlying modems ( Quectel EC25 ).
  • All actions can be done by clicking buttons in the Web App or by HTTP API.


  1. User Manual

Is it worth buying?


  • very easy to start 4g proxies business with
  • good for beginners at 4g proxies building


  • Expensive.
  • You are bound to its API which is not easy to operate.
  • Modems can’t be upgraded \ replaced \ expanded.
  • you can’t construct quite complex ACL on the proxies or configure them in a sophisticated way.
  • if you are a Pro in building proxies, it is not for you.