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Proxysmart: my alternative to Proxidize

Proxidize significally raised prices on their service and I have a drop-in replacement.

I have been developing 4g proxy farm software Proxysmart which is a set of software for building your own 4g\LTE proxy farm. Proxidize is a big competitor, and they have raised prices, i.e. up to $20 per modem per month. It is something a common “4g proxy” farmer can’t afford. So recently multiple ex-proxidize customers reached out to me. They cancelled the conracts with Proxidize and all the Proxidize hardware was left: in particular 4g modems.

So I offered them my service and built new 4g proxy farm for them, on top of old hardware, with significally lower price, yet it was one time payment , not recurring, like Proxidize charged them.