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QUIC support in Socks5 Proxies

In 2023 you will loose the battle when your proxies don’t support QUIC (HTTP/3.0). With 4g proxy farm software Proxysmart, you will win. I recently added QUIC support to my proxies building software.

Indeed, when major websites like Instagram, FB detect that you run a modern Web browser on a modern OS on a modern hardware, and yet you can’t send the data over QUIC (HTTP/3.0) , your requests are red-flagged and your account may be banned.

I already brought this topic on BHW, let me quote from there:

Hi, there is a concern about raising usage of QUIC protocol (HTTP 3.0) with combination of using a proxy in browser. QUIC is UDP. All modern browsers do support QUIC. Yet none of them support sending QUIC via a proxy. Even if the proxy itself can send UDP (most Socks5 proxies can’t but some can!).

And when a website finds out you have a modern browser and can’t send QUIC, it’s a big red flag to consider you are a bot!

3rd party solutions like Proxifier don’t support sending QUIC either.

Possible solutions:

  • wait till browsers can send QUIC via a proxy + proxy providers start adding UDP to their proxies
  • wait till tools like Proxifier can forward browser’s UDP traffic via SOCKS5
  • switch to 4G\5G VPN which are way more expensive.

People answered, cheer up, proxies companies will solve it, but my opinion is, browser’s can’t send HTTP3 via any proxy now. So eventhough proxy providers adapted, it is useless.

OK, if you’ve got a proxy, how to check if it’s UDP capable ? If it is, it can also do QUIC. I built a website, QUIC HTTP/3.0 checker to check it. Refresh it multiple times (1st requst is always HTTP/2!).

Also you can send a raw UDP packet, using by semigodking , if it sends, then the proxy is UDP capable.

Further info: